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Business organizations , large Corporates as well as homes currently have a duty to stress pre-emptive clean practices to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all. Regardless of whether they be staff, Residents, students, family, patients or guests. These practices include but are not limited to:

  • Commit to professional routine cleaning and disinfection of all contact areas by making use of our services
  • Increase the availability and ensure the. Use of disinfecting wipes and virus-killing alcohol-based hand sanitizers. containing at least 70 percent alcohol, and be sure everyone knows how to use them effectively/ Download Hand Hygiene Poster.
  • It is important to display handwashing signs in restrooms.
  • Encourage everyone in the office to commit to regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces.
  • Continue to improve professional cleaning and disinfecting procedures within the office to reduce the occurrence of germs and bacteria in the workplace.
  • Where possible provide resources and a work environment that promotes personal hygiene eg no touch amenities, such as double-swinging push doors, motion sensor lights, and other hands-free amenities  Hands Free Hygiene  that reduce germs in high-traffic areas.
  • If flexible seating is an option in your office and people share desks, require everyone to clean equipment, workstations, and surfaces as soon as they leave or move to a different spot.

As champions of a great work in life experience, we help ensure everyone stays in a healthy and sanitary environment whether its  in the office home, schools, religious congregation. etc while sharing common workspaces by providing these and more:

We create and follow a customized cleaning and disinfecting routine bearing in mind  the typical hotspots that transmit bacteria and viruses.

  • We provide specialized deep cleaning and disinfecting of your shared spaces and can provide good communication and signage strategies to promote healthy personal and corporate culture
  • We make use of the right tools and equipment
  • Always clean before beginning disinfection. This reduces the viral load before disinfection begins, which helps the disinfectant to be more effective in killing the remaining virus.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phone receivers and keypads, remotes, handles, touchscreens, desks, toilets, sinks).
  • Clean and disinfect shared electronics and equipment, digital signage, and touch-screen kiosks.

Our Range Of Disinfection Services

Fogging Disinfection

Our fogging disinfection service gives noteworthy effectiveness and coverage to areas such as ceilings, cupboards and difficult to reach nooks and crannies. This is an additional treatment to regular cleaning to ensure day-to-day maintenance of cross-contamination. Fogging cleaning uses extremely little beads of disinfectant. These droplets settle under, on top and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas that couldn’t be reached with conventional cleaning methods. Fogging has been found to be effective against a wide range of microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and spores depending on the disinfectant used.