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Ensuring consistent high cleaning standards that prevent the spread of infection has never been more important than now. Our level of specialisation in cleaning for medical facilities incorporates surface disinfection and  bio-hazard cleaning complying with stringent clinical requirements. Our focus is on detail cleans. Finer details we know will make a difference to the health, safety and wellbeing of your patients, visitors and staff. We do this because we believe it’s important to look after people, just like when you go to great lengths to take care of every individual patient.

  • Attention to Detail

    Your patients wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after their health. They trust your dedicated team of healthcare professionals because they offer a superior level of care, quality and expertise. In the same way, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after the cleaning of your medical facility. That’s why we strive to provide the utmost attention to detail, covering everything from offering strategic advice during flu season to ensuring a patient safely navigates a freshly mopped floor.

    We thoroughly understand what goes into cleaning a medical facility.

    By this we will ensure the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, your patients, and visitors, delivered with sensitivity, care and understanding.

    Furthermore, we’ll partner with you to formulate a customised cleaning solution that responds directly and fully to your unique needs.

  • Quality & Compliance

    At Emporis SA we’re focused on redefining quality and setting a new benchmark for medical cleaning, backed by an unmatched level of customer service, account management and helpdesk support – giving you total and complete peace of mind. We understand the regulatory standards of healthcare sector when it comes to cleaning – creating and maintaining hygienically clean environments crucial to individual care.

We look forward to revealing more about the Emporis SA Commercial Cleaning difference. Please contact us at any time to discuss your cleaning needs further.